Naked in the changing room

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As well as making you feel empowered, it also has the ability to reduce your self-confidence to the size of a dwarfed raisin. When I came back out in my gym kit, I got a mouthful from one of the middle-aged women in the changing room who said that it was outrageous that I was ashamed of my body as I was so much younger than the other people in the room. But for some reason, the locker room just turned me into a wilting lettuce of self-doubt. Before settling in London, Nicola used to live in South Korea and Spain where she found herself visiting spas and skinny dipping — both activities which involved being in the buff. I assume they will be judging me for my curves. I might be worried about my wobbly bits but the girl next to me might be worried about the scar on her leg, and the person next to her, the fact she wore really inappropriate underwear etc.

When is it okay to be naked in a changing room?

UK mother slams dad for getting naked in the men's changing room in bizarre rant | Newshub

A UK mother has described her horror at seeing a dad of three daughters strip naked in the men's changing room of a public swimming pool, much to the confusion of the internet. Taking to parenting forum Mumsnet, the anonymous woman wrote that she had arrived early with her two-year-old son to his swimming lesson, so decided to wait in the changing room. She explained that she uses the men's changing room as the women's is "usually crowded" as there are "less dads at lessons". The woman said that there was a dad in there getting his daughters dressed after swimming when she and her son entered. But then the father got dressed after his children, which led to what she labelled the "bizarre" incident. He is also by the door, so if another parent was coming in their child would have walked into his penis! And it wasn't less than a minute because he was drying himself as well," she claimed.


There's a debate raging about nudity in swimming pool changing rooms. Debate has been raging on social media in Somerset as to whether that time and place is a swimming pool changing room. It can often be a sight in the locker rooms of private gyms that those who have enjoyed a sweaty work out might take a little time to refresh, possibly in a naked state between showering and getting dressed. Of course, there are some that like to be at one with themselves in just a towel or less, even if others in the vicinity are uncomfortable with their unclothed state. So, when is it okay to be naked in a changing room?
By Latoya Gayle For Mailonline. A mother who took her son in the men's changing room at her local swimming pool has divided opinion after she blasted a man for stripping naked outside of the cubicle. Writing on Mumsnet , the UK-based mother explained that she prefers to take her two-year-old son in the men's changing room when they go swimming because the women's facility is often crowded. She told how on one occasion, a man who had been in the pool came in the changing room with his daughters and proceeded to strip naked without a second thought for anyone else - including children.