How to get squirtle pokemon yellow

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Indeed, with one-off starter monsters only being made available by owning a second version of the same game solely for trading purposes, it can become challenging and expensive to secure all of the beasts. Fortunately, Pokemon Yellow has done away with that by allowing fans to obtain every single one of them by completing tasks and talking to trainers. The only catch is that they can be easily missed. Luckily for gamers, Squirtle is one of the easier beasts to obtain, as it's just simply given to those that prove their worth as a trainer.

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Obtaining the Starters in Yellow -

Use Squirtle against Fire, Ground and Rock opponents for best effect, but it can even hold its own against Ice types as well at least on the defensive side of things. In emergencies, Dig could help Squirtle get at least one hit in on an opposing Electric type. Squirtle doesn't last long in a battle against Thunder or Grass Pokemon. Thunder or any other similar Electric attacks usually knock it out in one go. Last Edited: 9 Oct pm. Withdraws into its shell when in danger. Catch it in:.

Pokemon Yellow: How to Get Squirtle Easily

Pokemon Yellow was the third version of the first generation of the Pokemon games, Red and Blue. What made Yellow version so different from the main two games was the fact that the story was more similar to how the actual Pokemon anime was. Unlike Red and Blue, not only do you start the game out with a Pikachu, but you can obtain all three starter Pokemon in the game as well, including Squirtle.
This article was co-authored by our trained team of editors and researchers who validated it for accuracy and comprehensiveness. This article has been viewed , times. Learn more Luckily, the character, Melanie, in Cerulean city will give you a Bulbasaur for free as long as your Pikachu is happy enough and you have the space in your party.