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Horikoshi's series is full of so many great characters, in fact, that many fans have taken to showing their love for the cast through their own artistic creations by means of cosplay , fan art, and many more creations. One such character that's become a fan-favorite is none other than class 1-A's Tsuyu Asui. Asui, otherwise known as Froppy, is arguably one of the more popular members of the class with many even dubbing her as "best girl. In case you've missed some of these amazing attempts at bringing the 2D to life, here are 10 of the best Froppy cosplays.

Tsuyu Asui

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High School , training to become a Pro Hero. Tsuyu is a short girl of a relatively slender build compared to her classmates, who has notably large hands. Her appearance is rather frog-like; she has a very wide mouth, which dips down a little in the middle just like that of a common frog, and oval-shaped eyes with large, black irises, their lower eyelashes visibly pronounced, and she also demonstrates some frog-like mannerisms, like hopping on all fours instead of running and holding herself in a way that is somewhat connotative of a frog. Her hair is a dark sea-green color, and is very long, reaching all the way to her waist, the ends tied together at the bottom in a bow of hair. She has two shoulder-length clumps framing her face, and shorter bangs between her eyes, some of them partially swept to each side. Her hero costume consists of a bright green turtleneck bodysuit, tan-colored gloves with large buckles on each wrist guard, and two matching belts, one above her breasts, a strap at either side going around her shoulders, and one around her waist, little green dots embedded into it all the way around.

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My Hero Academia's Tsuyu Asui, aka Froppy, is one of the cutest and most understated characters of the series. And in many ways, she seems to have adapted perfectly to the life of being a hero in training. Froppy is clever, determined, and most importantly, she understands her job and responsibilities perfectly. The anime has done a great job of showing the best side of Froppy, just like the manga. But there are certain facts that any fan should know about her.