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Attack on Titan Shingeki no Kyojin is meant to be a serious anime, but that doesn't mean it can't be seriously funny! Here are some funny moments in the anime as well as hilarious fan-made content! The goal of great fiction is to leave an impact on readers and viewers long after they've finished consuming the piece. When all is said and done, whether you're watching an anime, reading manga, or taking in a live action motion picture, the goal is to be moved in some way by the end of it all. For many of us, anime can have quite an impact, touching our hearts and changing our lives forever.

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Japan was never going to have a Hollywood-level budget for the movie and the amount of white actors in Japan is very very small. These are very obvious and understandable things, yet people still constantly complain about it. I am curious what Hollywood would do - I actually really liked the half-organic, half-CG thing the live action movie was going for. The Titans were genuinely creepy in my eyes. It reminded me of old monster movies or how effects were done in older movies, where they only had the organic stuff to rely on. In Japan and worldwide - and Japan is the only place that actually matters compared to markets in other countries.

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